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Bail and Pod Sandblasted, Painted and Refurbished for PCS Cory

Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing has the full capabilities to refurbish old equipment, trucks, trailers, steel and concrete. Recently Fortis refurbished bail and pods for PCS Cory. This included sand blasting and painting, replacing some structural steel, and machining new parts. This was all accomplished within 10 days.

Sandblasting Capabilities:
- Mine Structural Steel, Product Bins, Concrete Refinishing
- Industrial Equipment
- Farm Equipment
- Truck Frame and Trailer Refurbishing
- Steel Preparation, Acid Etching, Abrasive Blasting
- Mobile Sandblasting and Painting

- Plus much more
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Machining Capabilities:
- Machining Steel, Iron, Brass, Bronze, Stainless, Plastics, Aluminum
- Lathes
- Vertical Machining Centers
- CNC Band Saw

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Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

The Benefits of Proper Surface Preparation Before Painting

With today’s harsh road conditions and the excessive use of road salts you will want a tough paint job that will keep your equipment looking great for the years to come. Why settle for a subpar paint job this will leave your equipment looking weathered after just 1 season? With the use of abrasive blasting we can remove existing paint and rust that is on the steel bringing it back to bare metal that is contamination free.

Another benefit to abrasive blasting is the angular profile it leaves on the surface.  Sandblasting gives the new paint something to “bite” onto, creating a stronger hold for the paint.  This paint job will last longer under severe conditions vs. no surface profile. For the do it yourselfer we can offer just abrasive blasting, and point you in the right direction for painting products you will need to complete your paint job.  Yet for the person who wants a one stop shop, we can sandblast and re-paint almost any surface.

View our Sandblasting Services Brochure for more details

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Steve Cooper
Sandblasting Supervisor
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Fortis is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.


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