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Bail and Pod Sandblasted, Painted and Refurbished for PCS Cory

Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing has the full capabilities to refurbish old equipment, trucks, trailers, steel and concrete. Recently Fortis refurbished bail and pods for PCS Cory. This included sand blasting and painting, replacing some structural steel, and machining new parts. This was all accomplished within 10 days.

Sandblasting Capabilities:
- Mine Structural Steel, Product Bins, Concrete Refinishing
- Industrial Equipment
- Farm Equipment
- Truck Frame and Trailer Refurbishing
- Steel Preparation, Acid Etching, Abrasive Blasting
- Mobile Sandblasting and Painting

- Plus much more
View our Sandblasting Services Brochure for more details

Machining Capabilities:
- Machining Steel, Iron, Brass, Bronze, Stainless, Plastics, Aluminum
- Lathes
- Vertical Machining Centers
- CNC Band Saw

View all our Machining Capabilities at

Contact Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing to inquire about our fabrication, machining, welding, painting and sandblasting services.

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Fortis Mining, Engineering, and Manufacturing is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

How Quality Control Affects Fabrication, Machining and Welding Safety

At Fortis we have really come to respect how much quality affects safety. 

Our Quality Assurance Coordinator, Ken Ross states, "At Fortis we clearly understand the correlation between quality of product and safety. If you aren’t in control of the quality of your product, you can potentially (even though unintentionally) cause injury or death to others. We’ve all seen examples of this in the auto industry when defects such as wiring issues caused fire, tires blew out and accelerators stuck causing several injuries and deaths."

Fortis understands one of the keys to success is getting employees to “buy in” on the shop floor. One of the ways to get that “buy in” is to educate your work force to ensure they understand what can happen when we deviate from the quality control processes that we have in place. If you have any kind of a quality control system in place, you know how important it is to: question something that doesn’t look right, document any issues (even if they are small), communicate between steps, take the time to double check or have someone verify your work, sign off the appropriate steps, have qualified person check along the way, etc.

Our philosophy has been “Think of the news article”. When disaster strikes the news reports are often cruel and misleading, reporters don’t worry about the small details of what really happened or whose reputation they are destroying. It’s bad enough that someone was injured or killed, now the ripple effect starts. If you consider the news article approach, you are more apt to take the time to double check and be very particular as to what you are checking and signing off.

We coach people only to sign quality control steps that they agree with, to add comments, to seek further explanation and bring issues to their Supervisor’s attention. For example, a welder finishes the last welds on a unit before it goes on to the next step in the process, he or she didn’t complete the welds on top of the unit and doesn’t like the look of them, the welder should sign “I didn’t complete these first welds on the top of this unit, I question whether or not they meet our standards. Please have our Welding Inspector and/or Supervisor re-check them and sign off.” If the welds were up to our standard, then we coach the welder as to how to meet them and (most importantly) thank them for raising the concern. If they weren’t up to standard this person may have potentially saved the lives of people, saved our reputation and kept us out of a news article.


  • Quality will affect safety
  • Get control of the quality checks on the shop floor
  • Educate your workforce -Don’t sign off on a step that you aren’t happy with, ask questions, write comments, and/or ask for a second opinion, etc.
  • Think of the news article approach.
Fortis has taken it's quality control to the highest level by achieving ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. 

Contact Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing to inquire about our fabrication, machining and welding services. We have CNC machining capabilities and our welding shop is CWB certified. 

Phone: (306) 242-4427
Toll Free: (844) 542-2247

Fortis Mining Engineering and Manufacturing is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Northern Strands Group of Companies Employees Fundraise for Children's Wish Exile Island Event

For the second year in a row, the Northern Strands Group of Companies(Northern Strands, Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing, Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals), was invited to participate in Children's Wish Exile Island.  On March 10, 2017, The Children’s Wish Foundation challenged 15 local business and community groups to gather a Cast of 10 and take part in an action packed day of fun and friendly competition all in a united effort to grant 15 heartfelt wishes. Modeled after the popular television show “Survivor”, all the “Cast”-aways were sent to Legends Centre, Warman, SK to compete in a series of mental, physical, creative and strategic challenges. Each team was paired with a local Wish Child who cheered us on and inspired these brave competitors.

Here is a link to a story the Clarke's Crossing Gazette did on Exile Island this year

The child we are aligned with this year for Exile Island was Aurora.   Her favorite movie is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.  Luckily, this year's Exile Island theme was movies!  Her favorite movie is about food coming alive...Thus Team Meatballs was born!  Our team theme and costumes were based on the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 movie. We won two team awards at Exile Island. Set Design/team area and the one we are most proud of Top Box Office/most money raised!  See the pictures below of our time at Exile Island...

We are proud to say that for last 4 years in a row we have donated over $10,000 towards granting a Child's Wish!

Throughout the year we raise funds for Children's Wish in a variety of ways; Paper, pop cans, containers and batteries are recycled. Additional funds are raised through yard cleanup with scrap steel and other reusable goods being sent to auction. We have a raffle at our Christmas party and we have a separate intercompany raffle for 5 pairs of Rush tickets. The Group of Companies holds several fund-raising BBQ's throughout the summer. Employees are encouraged to participate and volunteer to help with the activities during the event. We contact neighboring businesses and drop off flyers in the effort to grow each and every BBQ. 

We also have a very unique way of giving back to the community. We use our Safety Training Ambulance to raise money at events like Craven Country Jamboree and other similar events. Our Trainers donate their time as first responders at these types of events. They offer basic medical care out of the ambulance. Any money we are paid is donated back to Children's Wish. Even if the event cannot afford to pay, our Trainers will still volunteer simply to help those in need.

Every year our efforts have helped give hope to a local family that needed it the most. We believe one of the key reasons we are so successful in encouraging our employees to donate their time is the connection we make with the child we are aligned with. By doing events like Exile Island you can see the difference you are making in the child and their family's life.  

We would like to thank Novatex Industrial printers for making our great banner and The Cherry On Top - Sweet Treats by Erin for making our creative cupcakes.  See pictures below.

Fortis Completes PCS Rocanville Projects With Unique Methodology And a Smooth Transition

The past couple years have been busy ones for Fortis.   As a mining subcontractor and contractor, we have successfully completed a number of projects for local potash mines in Saskatchewan.  We are particularly proud of the mine service work we have completed at PCS Rocanville.

As part of Rocanville West Expansion in December of 2015, Fortis was contracted to complete the following mine service work:

  • Installation of mine hoist head ropes, balance ropes, guide ropes and rub ropes in the PCS Rocanville Scissor Creek new service shaft. 
  • Installation and commissioning of the new mine shaft service cage and counterweight.  

In December 2016, Fortis completed work on the PCS Rocanville No. 2 shaft conversion project.  For this particular mining service job the scope of work included: 

  • Removal of existing mine hoist ropes.
  • Replacement of existing shaft bottom steel and tie in to new shaft tower structure, as part of the conversion from a mine service shaft to mine production shaft.
  • Installation of the new production shaft hoist head ropes, balance ropes, guide ropes and rub ropes as part of the conversion from a mine service shaft to mine production shaft.
  • Installation and commissioning of new 50 Ton production skips.

For both projects, Fortis was instrumental in the development of methodologies and safety procedures.  As an example, Fortis developed a unique methodology for installation of both skips in No.2 Shaft from the same side of the headframe, saving a considerable amount of time during installation.  Both jobs were successfully completed on time and without injury!

At the completion of both Rocanville jobs PCS was particularly happy with the training their employees received in the transition phase, which resulted in a smooth turnover and another happy Fortis customer!

For more information on Fortis mining services please email call 306-242-4427 or toll free at 1-844-542-2247

Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.  

"Fortis is your partner in providing mining solutions." 

The Benefits of Proper Surface Preparation Before Painting

With today’s harsh road conditions and the excessive use of road salts you will want a tough paint job that will keep your equipment looking great for the years to come. Why settle for a subpar paint job this will leave your equipment looking weathered after just 1 season? With the use of abrasive blasting we can remove existing paint and rust that is on the steel bringing it back to bare metal that is contamination free.

Another benefit to abrasive blasting is the angular profile it leaves on the surface.  Sandblasting gives the new paint something to “bite” onto, creating a stronger hold for the paint.  This paint job will last longer under severe conditions vs. no surface profile. For the do it yourselfer we can offer just abrasive blasting, and point you in the right direction for painting products you will need to complete your paint job.  Yet for the person who wants a one stop shop, we can sandblast and re-paint almost any surface.

View our Sandblasting Services Brochure for more details

or visit our webpage 

Contact us today for a quote on your next project:

Steve Cooper
Sandblasting Supervisor
Phone: (306) 242-7073
Cell: (306) 491-8874

Fortis is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.


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